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FMC Corporation (Food Machinery Corporation) is an American chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which originated as an insecticide producer and later diversified into other industries. In 1941 at the beginning of WWII, the company received a contract to design and build amphibious tracked landing vehicles for the United States Department of War, and afterwards the company continued to diversify its products. FMC employs 7,000 people worldwide and had gross revenues of US$2.8 billion in 2017.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience on, "FMC was too political and your job security depended on who you know as well as who you were friends with. Ethics, accountability, and business acumen did not exist here."


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SAP Release Analyst (Former Employee) says

"SAP Security Manager is incompetent and unprofessional. They do not take care of their employees and their is no work life balance. He is quick to throw his team under the bus for his own personal gain and benefit."

Buyer/Planner (Former Employee) says

"I literally hated every minute that I worked at this company. It is the worst company ever. I would rather collect garbage that go to work here. Find something else."

Accounts Payable Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Company was bought out in local area. New company not interested in FMC employees even though FMC was in this area forever. FMC had management issues and good ol' boy system."

Recruitment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Attended an interview here, was the most unprofessional and odd interview I have ever attended. Was interviewed by two recruiters at their site, both giggled threw the interview and asked me inappropriate questions such as "are you a dog or a cat person?" and even "where did you meet your partner?". The salary was not as advertised (much less!). To top it off I never heard back, I had already decided the company was not for me but to not receive a response after an interview is rude and very unprofessional. I would advise anyone to avoid this company, if the interview is this bad and unorganised, I can imagine the job would be a nightmare."

Fairfield Medical Center RN (Current Employee) says

"Poor management. Hostile work environment. No growth opportunity. Pay is not good. All of the good people are run off. Insurance isn't the best. You have to use PTO for paid holidays. Staff is not appreciated."

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Bad training no one helps you train you.the pay is super low for the area. And favoriting certain people to get on full time.supervisors especially first shift and some of worst I’ve ever seen.just a terrible place to work.LunchBenefits bad management and bad attitudes of people of color."

Clinical Lead Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work for! Management is not supportive for promotion no matter how hard you work. Place is run by "good ole boys" club by both males and females. If they want you out they will find a reason!"

Assembly Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Have tool box meeting receive our work day schedule. Gas testing/ pressure testing/ hydraulic testing /fittings. Management was ok understandable and helpful. The culture was ok the severity of the job was from other employees I felt where taking for granted. Really was not a hard part of the job just time consuming and very critical. Clocking out knowing my job achievements for that shift where accomplished.Chefs, Starbucks, ChikFilaAll the fluids and slippery surfaces"

Subsea Installations - Internship at FMC (Former Employee) says

"FMC was too political and your job security depended on who you know as well as who you were friends with. Ethics, accountability and business acumen did not exist here."

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was promised a position upgrade to go to the field at my my first year, i stated i didnt want to stay in shop. they kept me in shop even though i had the skills too go out.paid days offbackstabing"

Flow-back Senior Supervisor/Pad Manager (Former Employee) says

"Incompetent, self serving, discriminating management. Drunks and drug addicts, worst company ive ever worked with. First job out I witnessed what the work dynamic was and immediately began my exit strategy."

Assembly Lead (Former Employee) says

"no recognition in assembly department, assignments given out daily with no organization, no leadership from supervisors or managers. Poor morale lots of favoritizmclass room traininglow pay"

Lead Technician IV (Former Employee) says

"safety culture is trash, they preach about everything, too much favoritism at this company. they pick and choose who they want for leaders. while working there learn as much as you eventsbenefits suck, pay increases not good"

Application Specialist (Former Employee) says

"FMC Technologies is an okay company, work life balance was minimal. Management was predominantly the old boy network. Co- workers were the best part. Hardest part was the commute, 90 mile commute from Katy to Generation Park."

Service Manager FMC Technologies (Former Employee) says

"Mostly lip service from upper management. They do not keep their word as promised. Use you and drain your knowledge for their benefit. Not a good company to work for."

Tax Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great company, stay way from the Tax Dept and the "Crazy Mexican" (consultants' terminology). He doesn't have a clue and has had issues from the last companies he's worked.Tax director relies solely on the analysts who don't know what they're doing, but willing follow an "executive" ."

Auxiliar de Cobrança (Former Employee) says

"Metas de trabalho abusivas com a realidade condizente da empresa. Comissionamento distribuído por indicadores fora de realidade. Cobrança excessiva e abusiva por parte da gestão em geral da empresa. Assédio moral e humilhação em algumas ocasiões de feedback com funcionários. Corte no comissionamento mesmo com apresentação de Atestado de trabalho. Empresa instável, mudança constante nas rotinas e metas de trabalho."

Operadora de Cobrança (Former Employee) says

"Boa empresa, lugar de trabalho agradável e pessoas simpáticas.Pessoas agradavéis. Salario sempre correto e no dia certo.Localização. E metas"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Though an impressive MNC, internal structures of department and reporting duties are confusing, protocol given but not adhered by the highest management; hence leadership example is distorted for staff to follow, confusing. Employs contractual staff via agency hence benefits are minimised; organisation prefers to re-contract staff but not conversion to full time; job opportunities given to non-Singaporeans. Pros - Full time staff medical benefits; covering spouse and children with a minimum annual premium"

Sales Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Long days in an office calling all his old customers two weeks before christmas and most of the customers were restaurants, Sorry nothing good to say about it.No pros for this oneLong dreary days"

Art says

"Lin’s were broke. Logins didn’t always work."

Chris says

"I came down to Toronto in a snowstorm the night prior only to find out that the course I was registered for did not exist...... Thankfully, we were able to reschedule and I am looking forward to taking a real class. I hope that I will be able to give a positive review for the replacement course."

Jean says

"Course was cancelled. Very disappointed."

Al says

"Trouble with cancelled training."

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